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HOW Do I Participate?

To sign up, click the JOIN HOW button at the top of the page!

When you participate in HOW, you will periodically receive questionnaires on different topics. You will be able to access these questionnaires from your HOW account. Each questionnaire can take 60 to 90 minutes to complete. You can fill out a questionnaire at a later time or catch up on several questionnaires at once.

Why not just ask all the questions at once?

We think having you fill out several questionnaires over time works better than sending out one long questionnaire every few years. This approach gives us lots of time to ask a wide variety of questions as they come up. The HOW Study is a joint project that includes all of you, and we see it as a work in progress. This means we may actually try a number of different approaches to asking questions and collecting data. As data are entered, we can analyze some of it immediately – and let you know what we find right away! We also work with researchers around the country to do sub-studies and to answer more specific questions. Every step of the way we want YOUR input. Would you like to hear from us more often or less? Longer questionnaires or shorter? What do you think we should investigate as a possible cause of breast cancer? Please let us know. This is YOUR study.